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Omni trio - renegade snares


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Right yes I see.


I did finally got out the record of it and played at a slower speed. Sexy Coffee Pot?



Or maybe one of those beats that's at a beginning of Pete Rock & CL Smooth track... I'm reaching here!

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I haven't seen a clear answer to this, so I'm bumping it. I think the OT was trying to ID the break right at the start of the roasted rollin' mix:



It also kicks in at 3:06 of Goldie's Still Life:


This is the same break used also in DJ Ileagle - Crazy, i think


http //rolldabeats.com/release/2969/dee_jay_recordings/djx004


Other than that, I don't really know

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To link


Breakbeats → Break IDs → DJ Fokus - Media



I get confused because the breaks are very similar - another one is


DJ Rap - Digable Bass



However I don't think the OP was trying to identify that one, but rather the light skippy break that's in the original (and also, yes in the Foul Play remix)

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