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Unreleased Full Cycle (Roni Size, DJ Die, Krust, Suv)


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DJ Hype was playing a version of Roni Size Reprazent - Western around July 1997 that had a slightly different arrangement and a couple of other differences.


Does anyone know if this came out at all, or does it need adding to the unreleased list?


Audio here - https://soundcloud.com/keep_it_locked_tapes/roni-size-reprazent-western-dubplate-version-unreleased-clip

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This was previously listed as unreleased Krust, but according to Cleve T from youtube it's by Roni Size & Bill Riley, title unknown:


This ain't Krust.

Believe it or not; it is Roni Size & Bill Riley


Hey Cleve T. What's the source for that' date=' how do you know?



because I had it on dub myself and I specifically remember asking Bryan' date=' this ain't Krust ain't it? And he said in a joking way, "your ear takes the p1ss"


My actual second guess was Bill Riley, then he said it was both. But no title. Just a quick thing.


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Hi guys, the current YouTube link for Roni Size - It's Real appears to be broken so here's a new one:https://youtu.be/gMgxROutNq0

I've also posted the same clip to my Soundcloud:

Also, the date on the centre label is 14 August 2003 and all the sets I've heard it in are from 2003 so perhaps this should be moved from 2004 to 2003?
On the centre label someone has written "Hash Browns", is this because 'It's Real' would have been called "Hash Browns" if it had been released? 🤔 (Like the 2002 Roni Size tune Scrambled Eggs) 🍳
Thanks 👊


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