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Unreleased Full Cycle (Roni Size, DJ Die, Krust, Suv)


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DJ Die - Say Red, from Bryan Gee's Top 10 Dubplates (Drum&BassArena), must actually be Roni Size - Say Red. In the V Recordings Podcast 72 when Bryan plays Roni Size - Say Red he says it reminds him of Clear Skyz kind of vibe. He said the same thing in that Drum&BassArena article:


“Another track that I look back on and wonder why Full Cycle never released it. I guess at that time they were shitting stuff like this out daily. This one kinda reminds me of Clear Skyz and it sounds like he probably made it at the same time or just after. Maybe he was trying to get that Clear Skyz vibe again but funkier and more musical? I don’t know. But I do know that Die don’t play around when he’s rollin’ it and the groove on this is bad.”

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Is there a longer / unreleased mix of Krusts Cold War?


Can’t find any audio but I’m sure I’ve seen it on a Fabio / Grooverider radio tracklisting


'Cold War' (originally titled 'Cold World' on dubplates) was released by Talkin' Loud as the B Side to 'True Stories'. The released version clocks in at around 8 mins, there is a longer ten minute version that was on the Talkin' Loud promo only, I assume this is the version you mean. I think the reason for the edit is due to the stupid 20 minute rule that existed for singles at the time- a single could not exceed that length if the label wanted it to be eligible for the singles charts. Talkin' Loud obviously thought this was a potential crossover chart hit for Krust and so edited 'Cold War' down to get it below 20 mins with the combined 11 minute long 'True Stories'.


Interestingly Krust has never had a top 40 hit under his own name but a number of releases, some 12" only, have broken the top 75 and are therefore deemed to have been 'hits'. 'Cold War' which was released on CD single as well as vinyl, peaked at number 77.

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Bryan Gee plays some old unreleased Krust tunes in this months V Recordings podcast, starts off at the one hour mark



22. Krust - 2 Colours Black

23. Krust - Do You Love Me

24. Krust - One Stop Driver

25. Krust - Untitled Dub

26. Krust - Untitled Dub

27. Krust - Untitled Dub

28. Krust - Untitled Dub

29. Krust - Untitled Dub

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He plays it in 2000-12-04, 2000-12-11 and 2001-01-15 shows on Kiss. Also in 2000-12-23 - Jumpin Jack Frost @ Future Winter Session, MS Connexion, Mannheim


I've actually cut a clip of this already, he doesn't say nothing about the tune here though.

2000-12-04 - Jumpin Jack Frost - Kiss 100 FM-ID01


Here's another short clip from 2000-12-11 show, where he says 'My man Splash. Landscaping. That one's absolutely hot. Watch out for that one, about April, something like that.'


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1:19:50 was always talked about as being an unreleased mix of The Crow, I can’t remember which label it was on but I’ve always felt it wasn’t a different mix. Same bassine notes though, I think it was just a rip off



Audio here



What the... that Crow tune almost sounds the same as the Krust tune. For comparison:



Bryan Gee also played it in D&BTV Live 79, the unreleased dubs set. From the tracklist that was included on the mixcloud page, the same tune is listed there as Krust - Big Foot.

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