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Pages loading slowly


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Over the last few days the website and forum have been very slow loading pages (upwards of 30 seconds to load pages). In quite a few cases the pages timeout before they load.


I've ruled out the obvious variables:


It's the same on different devices

It's the same on different browsers

It's the same on wifi and mobile internet

I'm still having instant response from all other websites.


Is there an issue with the site?

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Had the same issues for the last few days, tried a few times today but nothing would load until now.


I sent Haste a message earlier today, hopefully he can take a look on the admin side.


I've deleted more Spam bots recently than in a long time, not sure if thats something to do with it.

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There's also the long standing problem that pages don't actually seem to finish loading for upto 5 minutes. I don't know what it is but persistently see a message "Transfering data from rdbdev.wearelighthouse.com"
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I usually go straight into the TL forum but had a look today to see if anyone had raised the issue in another forum. It obviously isnt just me then.


Its been around a month for me. Pages loading very slowly or timing out and not loading at all.

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