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Unreleased Dillinja


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Different versions of tunes from Cybotron album, expect the unknown one which sounds like a different version of Trinity - Wild Funk. All clips from 2000-12-04 - Jumpin Jack Frost - Kiss 100 FM


Dillinja - Unknown Title



Dillinja - Cybotron (Dubplate Mix).mp3



Dillinja - Valve Sound (Dubplate Mix).mp3


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Did we remove from the list then, the 1996 Acid Roller & End Of Line?


So, here's that Mysteries Of The Deep alternate version I mentioned about in the other thread


mysteries of the deep.mp3


Now here's a clip of something else I think is Dillinja. Pretty certain I heard Dom & Roland playing this out in early 2011, had half an idea this was going to be the next dubs from the dungeons release. Something about those filter drops on the snares makes me think its him


dill stepz.mp3



Might have some more clips to add at some point

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Aswell as End of Line / Acid Roller he has a tendency to play Tron, King of the Beats and deadly deep subs remix (with the Ya know ya big vocal)


I've heard these played on various mixes and radio shows he's done in the last few years


Hopefully it means they are on the release list at some point!!

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The strange video part is only available on the instagram app - its the row of videos you get at the top. you may have to follow them to see it as it doesn't appear on the normal list.


as ive watched it already, its now gone for me. really weird part of instagram

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