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Some second gen break... help please?


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This one's been bugging me for years but finally thought I'd ask after grabbing an mp3 of one of the tunes that uses it


BBB & Dextrous - "Jazz In The House"



I'm sure this is the same tune I once heard in a segment of "The Dance Years - 1995" with Dave Pearce, whilst showing some footage of Metalheads at Blue Note... never been able to track down that episode but it was certainly the same break being used


It's also the one heard in Lemon D - Goin Gets Tough



and Dillinja - Music




Would like to know.......

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This break was made by Norman Cook for Shinehead - Start an Avalanche (

), and he later included the clean version in his sample CD "Skip To My Loops" (along with many other beats from tracks produced by him):


(there's no clean version in Start an Avalanche, so everyone used it from the sample CD).


(Btw, the Null Lines break has the same story, made for Shinehead - Rainbow and included in Skip To My Loops:

- 29:41).
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