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Oldskool hardcore break ID (Open Your Mind- Foul Play Remix)


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Ez all,


Been a while since I last posted in this forum, so I hope everyone is keeping well!

This break has been bugging me for some time now:




It crops up in a fair few oldskool hardcore tracks, notably in Foul Play’s remix of Open Your Mind, but it’s usually in exactly the same format each time. This leads me to think it’s either from a sample CD or a hip hop track, but having trawled through loads from the era, I’ve never come across it.

Seems to have elements of Funky Drummer on the snares. Anyone have an idea?


Thank you!

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Also searching for this, heard it in:


DJ Scoobie - Boom Pow Bass Quake (Fantasy U.F.O. Mix) (1993) (2:27)

Dream - So Strange (1993) (2:40)

Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Tango Remix) (1993) (0:50) (I think this is the right name for the one you referred to)

Nebula II - Benzine Fiend (1993) (1:00)

Jack Smooth & Spencer T - Happy Nonsense (1993) (0:04)

Mikey James & Q Bass - The Prophecy (1994) (3:36) (most clean version)

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On 10/2/2023 at 10:35 AM, garx said:

found it: 

After a year of searching and finding 14 tracks with it, I found out it was also used in Citadel Of Kaos - Freedom, where Discogs user Midasdas had credited this source 9 years ago.

This needs adding to the main forum ^^^
Massive ID
PS. so great to have the site back ❤️

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