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pascal / jimi polo


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the way it is right now is not 100% correct. pascal is very very most likely not the jimi polo who did stuff on dark horse.


now i'm not sure what pascal's aliases actually are, since all the ones that are there now where based on the fact that he was jimi polo.


1) does anyone know pascal's real name (jim polo maybe?)


2) which of these ARE aliases or projects of his?



- bad influence

- h.m.p.

- jimi polo (pretty sure this ain't him)

- p-funk (this is pascal alright)

- pascal (idem)



- 2 sinister (with neil vass, now this could be pascal...)

- johnny jungle (with neil vass, now this is pascal...)

- bonafide (with d. jennings and t. mocan, don't know who they are though)

- bigga world (together with 'bigga', whoever that might be)

- dynamix (together with 'smiley' from shut up and dance)

- ganja kru (together with zinc & hype, quite sure about this one :P)

- hardware (together with 'hogan' whoever that might be)

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pascal on his own =


p-funk, pascal (:roll:)


HMP could well be him on his own....i can check on my vinyl at home


johnny jungle = pascal & sponge

bad influence = pascal & sponge (although the early releases coudl have been just pascal)

bonafide = pascal, d. jennings and t. mocan (whoever they are)


tronix = pascal & dopeski [http://tarzan.spoox.org/display.php?type=artist&id=1537]


the hogan guy is hardware (i think pascal name is down just as the engineer on hardware releases....may be wrong though)


where did you get the info about dynamix from......seems like an odd combination!

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nice nice...


i just to make a difference i used jim polo for pascal right now.


made some changes. just leaves us with these:


2 sinister and bigga star


kinda confused about that 2 sinister one...


mainly because of this release:


Dark Horse 003


which has ezee boy on it, which is on the first Face release as well...


now.. will the real pascal stand up?



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