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  1. thijs

    Same track?

    In this 'series' I will ask your help to confirm whether two (or more) particular entries in the database actually are the same track. This post will be updated at times the required confirmation is received. Integral Records - INT010 ATM Magazine - ATMMAG79 Refusal (VIP Mix) == Refusal (Calibre Mix) -----
  2. You were posting just before I turned the board offline. Upgrade went OK, but unfortunately some member structures have been changed, resulting in a lot of errors on the site at the moment. Currently one can not log in on the site, while I am working to fix things.
  3. thijs

    php errors

    Fixed by joined efforts...
  4. thijs

    php errors

    Hmm... the first should be a 404. Thanks, will look into this one.
  5. That's not a bug, it's a feature (seriously) :cool:
  6. Right... thanks for the reminder :cool:
  7. I know what is going on. Will have a look at this this week(end).
  8. Would like to give full props to Haste and Phokus for keeping the site at the high level it is currently at.
  9. I can confirm this, but can't think of an easy 'fix' at the moment. Will take a closer look.
  10. As you might have already noticed, the updates from the forum have been inserted in the database. Thanks to a huge effort made by Phokus. All additions and corrections from the past months should be in there now, so if you noticed anything missing please re-bump the particular thread.
  11. thijs

    Little Rollers

    Or were they just a series?
  12. Malc? or Malcolm? http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/witness_records/wts007 Is that indeed a different artist?
  13. thijs

    php errors

    Thanks for the heads up, will have a look.
  14. thijs


    Chris is not in the database yet is he?
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