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the BIG what-are-the-real-names-of-these-artists-list


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The list needs an update :?:



Here are a couple more to add .. nothing major, just got bored at work :)



- Viveen Wray



- Ryan Moore



- Trumystic Sound System are a 3 piece outfit consisting of Soothsayer, Dr. Israel & Divaship.



- Tranquil Elephantizer are 3 brothers, Casper, Saul, and Darius Kedros.

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Guest free4orm

A Reminiscent Drive

Jay Alansky



if it is a typo, Arpeggiators is Tom Wax and Thorsten Adler


Ace The Space

Marc Trauner (but I'm pretty sure he had some help from the Human Resource crew)


Alcatraz (is listed there as Alactraz, most likely a typo)

Jean-Phillippe Aviance and Victor Imbres


Bassbin Twins

Peter Tall


Delta Lady

Just another moniker for Kris Needs and Wonder (yeah that's her real name) also known as Secret Knowledge


DJ Andy

if it's the Brasilian one, his real name is Anderson Cepeda



Patrick Cools


Dome Patrol

Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani, NY bwoys, they released that wikid tune with a sample from Echo & The Bunnymen's The Cutter on XL, big club hit



is Dan Wherrett & Jim Hopkins


Faze Action

brothers Robin Lee and Simon Lee



David Miller and Philip Pinsky, but the line up used to be larger with Chris Connelly (Ministry), Simon McGlynn, Thomas McGregor and John Vick


Fly By Wire

AKA Dave Clarke


Funk D'Void

Lars Sandberg



Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker



Jon Ryman


Jah Wobble

John Wardle


Jazz Documents

the one and only brother of Ronald and co-founder of Nu Groove, Rheji Burrell



Kelli Hand, powerful female presence in the Detroit Techno scene


Kevin Yost

that's his real name



isn't it the alias of JMJ & Richie?


LA Style

Wessel van Diepen and Michiel van der Kuy


Les Rythmes Digitales

Stuart Price


Love Decade

Peter Gill, Chris O'Brien, Dave Shaw, Rob Van Winkelen & Jerome Stokes, but Peter was the main memeber


Freddy Fresh

Frederick Schmid


I just had to look up into discogs a lil bit for some names I didn't remember properly, the rest was just thanks for some CD inlays and record labels, waht sacres me the most is that a great part of what's on that list is really of very dubious quality music-wise and I know most of it :oops:

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Real names (as far as I know):

[snip]Union Jack... damn... what's his name... big boss of Rising High... Casper Pound.


I'm quite sure Union jack is not Caspar, it's the duo Simon Berry and Claudio Giussani.


*EDIT: you can edit the text that you quote, so just delete unnecessary lines*

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Dataset (Brutal Recordings 001 - Infusion b/w Disco Beat) is a collective of artists from Nottingham:


Lowkey - Chris Loake

Awax - Rick Sallis

Agent Smith - Matt Smith

Vaccine - Alex Lucas and Chris Gittins

Dyazide - Tom Lemaistre

Lynkx - Alex Judd



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