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the BIG what-are-the-real-names-of-these-artists-list


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Acorn Arts are Mark (or is that Marc??) Williams & Matt Clayden (M&M).


I think Airto will be Airto Moreira (Jazz musician). Don't know the tunes listed, but he's mostly listed as Airto.


Ananda Shankar is his real name...


Arcadipane is Marc (or Mark) Arcadipane (currently has that Trance hit tune).


B.M.Ex is DJ Sasha (the famous UK club DJ Sasha).


I think Chris E & Chris Energy are the same.


D'Cruise... may be a typo, anyway, it's Jay D'Cruze.


More later...

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Real names (as far as I know):

Eric Kupper, Eric Sermon, Etienne De Crecy, Francois Kevorkian (in the list as Kavorkian), Geoffrey Williams, Graham Massey, Horance Andy (isn't he a reggea person??)


I thought Hurley is Steve "Silk" Hurley and Todd in the same release is Todd Terry.


And for some reason I don't know the real name of DJ Ash (though we've been meeting regularly for like 10 years)...


General Max is Pat Krimson with guests (Mr. Morane on "We Can Do It" and Sjegersi Verbooven on "Time Keeper").


Hypa Hypa should be Hyper Hypa.


Jungle House Crew is at least SS. Should check if it's with others or not.



A. Williams / C. Thomas / ??.

The first few hit releases also with singer Bobby Depasois.

Will also add the other releases from them...


Komix is Andrew Komis.


London Sound Collective is at least D. Styles.


Nanisha is the daughter of Mark Williams' neighbour (hmmm... that will be hard to trace!!)


Orange Lemon: A-side is a remix of "Dreams Of Santa Anna", B-side is the original. And it's Todd Terry.


Pendulum: Rob Swire, Gareth Mcgrillen, Paul Harding


Skin Up: He's using the name Egor in some mixes...


State Of Mind is Ant Miles.


Union Jack... damn... what's his name... big boss of Rising High... Casper Pound.

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something for the morning:


Baby Namboos - Adrian Thaws, Leo Coleign, Mark Porter, Claude Wil


Critikal - Bert Prikenfeld


Clint Mansell is Clint Mansell, he's also Pop Will Eat Itself


Death In Vegas - Richard Fearless, Tim Holmes


Deep Dish - Sharam Tayebi, Ali 'Dubfire' Shirazinia


DMX Crew - Edward Upton


Dots & Dashes - Daniel Myer, Dejan Samardzic [got to work on that Form & Function recordlist some day]


Green Velvet - Curtis Alan Jones


Kid Koala - Eric San

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Koop - Magnus Zingmark, Oscar Simonsson

Lu:k - Virko Veskoja, Indrek Tamm

Mateo & Matos - John Mateo, Eddie Matos

Meat Beat Manifesto - Jack Dangers, Jonny Stephens

Midfield General - Damian Harris

Mix Master Mike - Michael Schwartz

Moguai - Andr? Tegeler

Mr. Scruff - Andy Carthy

Nuspirit Helsinki - Tuomas Kallio, Hannu Nieminen, Kasio

Octagon Man - Jonathon Saul Kane

Pastacas - Ramo Teder

Pat Metheny Group - Pat Metheny

Pizzicato Five - Konishi Yasuharu, Maki Nomiya

Probe - Ott Karp, Karel Kattai

Ram Jam World - Hirofumi Asamoto

Red Snapper - Ali Friend, Richard Thair, David Ayers

Renegade Soundwave - Danny Briottet, Gary Asquith, Karl Bonnie

Robo - Raul Saaremets, Aivar T?nso

Salt City Orchestra - Elliot Eastwick, Miles Hollway, Si Brad

Scratch Perverts - DJ Plus One, Prime Cuts, Tony Vegas

Wildchild - Roger McKenzie


now this is a gem - Rawhill Cru. it's a copy of from they're webpage.

$pyda - Vocalist

Daddy Freddy - Vocalist

E.Decay - Deejay - Producer

Krasq'n - Deejay - Producer

Navigator - Vocalist

OCB - Producer

Azazel - Deejay - Producer

Deman Rockers [RAGGA TWINS] - Vocalist

Flinty Badman [RAGGA TWINS] - Vocalist

Imperial LP - Vocalist

Royce - Deejay - Producer

Soultrain - Vocalist

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heres some, more to come:


2 on a tip - jc & gt

69 - carl craig

amazon - dj ss

b-sides - frank de wulf

blue arsed fly - christian vogel & neil landstrumm

chez damier - anthony pearson

dharma one - jouni helminen

digital excitation - frank de wulf

dj alimo - asmo soivio

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