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coloured/etched vinyls list


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DODSAMP001 and DODSAMP002... (the Decade Of Dread rerelease vinyls)


DODSAMP001: silvery clear vinyl (it says "silver/clear vinyl" on the record shop's label they stuck on the front, I guess that's how SRD described it in their oner)

DODSAMP002: a very nice blue coloured translucent vinyl

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SM9029-0 [ Smile Communications ]


this is the 2x10" of Mr. Kirk's Nightmare, etc


this release



RDB currently lists the colors as "Peach & Blue Marbled Vinyl"



This is accurate. However, I happen to have two copies of this release and the color schemes are slightly different between the two releases.


one copy is a light peach color vs a deep blue (kind of a yves klein blue)


the other copy is orange (NOT peach) vs a very light baby blue color

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here is vinyl color info on a bunch of releases on [ Sm:)le communications ]




comments: pink marbled vinyl



comments: clear vinyl, with a slight hit of blue/green



comments: orange marbled vinyl



comments: cherry red vinyl



comments: light purple marbled vinyl



comments: light sky blue marbled vinyl



comments: maroon/blood red vinyl



comments: white vinyl



comments:yellow vinyl



comments: clear vinyl with slight green/blue tint

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