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please read this first


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seeing the lyrics of ladies of spain today made me think it might be a good idea to post some here. they will be added in a different place later on, but instead of collecting them on my own pc i would like to use this part of the forum to put them and 'transfer' them later.



- clearly state which track (include the label + cat# of the 12" it was on) the lyrics are used (include remix name is nessesary)

- if the lyrics were not written by the artist him/herself, please explicitly state the name of the original author, preferbly with the title which is was published in as well as a possible year of publishing.


obviously many lyrics posted won't be 100% correct at first and we encourage discussion to iron out any wrong information that might appear.


please post 1 thread for each song (or each 12" release) that you have worked out lyrics for. if you spot anything you feel is incorrect please reply to that thread suggesting the corrections


if you have worked out most of a song's lyrics but there are sections you are unsure about then please indicate this so that others may be able to help out and fill in the blanks


We can't accept lyrics that have been stolen off other sites. If you want to submit lyrics from somewhere else then please ask the original transcriber's permission first. We will only add lyrics to the site that were transcribed by the poster or if we have been given permission from the author to include them.


Only post found lyrics here, do NOT request for certain lyrics


Many people here have spent a considerable amount of time on these lyrics. Please do not copy them to your own site, but supply a link to this forum instead, or at least give RDB credit for it!

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come on people.....don't be shy.


feel free to give stuff a go and don't worry about making mistakes. i know loads of the stuff i'm posting has errors in it so if we all make an effort i'm sure we can work out loads of tunes

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I just remembered I wrote a little utility that I've used when trying to figure out lyrics:



It's just a simple little notepad-ish application that lets you remote-control WinAmp without having to change focus between apps. (i.e. pause, jump 1 or 5 seconds back/forward)


It also allows you to loop a region, or insert timecodes (alt-i) and optionally jump to the nearest timecode (alt-g). In addition you can assign 3 bookmarks that are alt-1/2/3 hotkey-accessible.


It's not really magic, it's just a less anal way of doing things :D

(If anyone has any feedback or stuff, just PM me here.....)

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