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Tracks from A guy called gerald - 1 in the jungle 1995-6

Guest scam

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Guest scam

I've been desperately hunting down tracks from a guy called gerald's mix on one in the jungle back in 95-96, any help would be booshank!


Here is the tracklist as I know it

1 - ?

2 - Adam F - Aromatherapy (Section 5)

3 - ?

4 - Ed Rush & Nico - Guncheck (No U Turn)

5 - Lemon D - This is LA (Metalheadz)

6 - ? (sounds like dillinja or nico)

7 - ? (sounds like Ed Rush - Killimanjaro)

8 - ?

9 - ? (Lemon D?)

10 - ? (Lemon D?)

11 - ?

12 - Foul Play - Reopen your mind 95 (Moving Shadow)

13 - JLM Productions - Autumn (Reinforced)

14 - J Majik - In the Shadow (Reinforced)


bit missing from my mangled tape


15 - ?

16 - Phantasy - 44 Mag (Ray keith mix) (EASY)

17 - ?


here are some clips












Hope you guys know some of these!

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Guest scam

I've found a few out with your help and some guys on other sites


6.Rollers Instinct - Haze (Emotif)

8.Hidden Agenda - Get Carter (Metalheadz)

11.Medicine Men - Scream in the Jungle (Source Direct mix)


If I can find some space I'll post this mix as it's one of the best tapes I've got

Thanks for the help so far guys, I really appreciate it

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Guest Guest
I think #15 is a Skycutter tune on Blood Records but can't find mine at the moment. I'll see if I can dig it out.



:D  :D  :D


Wicked thanks to you I've found that one out

Skycutter - Blue Note (Blood)


Funny thing is I'm only used to hearing the second half of the tune and I just got a full length mp3 and it sounds kinda odd, thought it was a different tune at first.

Great record tho! Thanks

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