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the tunes are "produced by Musclehead and Dillie"


not sure where you got the artists for on the b side. it's listed as "Various Artists" and the songwriting credits go to L Francis, Desert Storm, G Degree, H Griffiths, J Reid, Aswad. so i guess that's where some of the names come from. I think that the artists should really be Musclehead and Dillie, the other names are just where it's all sampled from. Kinda hard to know what to do with this one really as the artists they list are just there for legal reasons (i presume) as they must have tried to clear all the samples (being a big sound and prob knowing a lot of these people)


Saxon is owned by Musclehead who is from London, UK


more info here...




ps that is a cool site for ragga related stuff, loads of info on people inc real names etc

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Not sure if this was ever changed but it looks to still be incorrect. The tracklist should be


A1: Musclehead & Dillie (Feat. Dennis Brown) - Whip Dem

A1: Musclehead & Dillie (Feat. Dennis Brown) - Whip Dem (Mix II)

B: Musclehead & Dillie - Jungle Sax

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OK not sure this is correct. This is some sort of jungle remix of Dennis Brown "Whip Them Jah" with dubplate lyrics ("soundboys them a weeping" instead of "babylon them a weeping")


An earlier post on this tells us that the two producers you mention are Lloyd 'Musclehead' Francis & Carl 'Dillie' Perry, reggae producers for Saxon sound


As a jungle remix I doubt they had any involvement other than 'executive producers' and that Desert Storm is the true producer (by our terms)


The B side is more confusing. The writing credit suggest Lloyd Francis, General Degree, Hugh Griffths, Junior Reid & Aswad. But this is a plain jungle track, with some reggae/ragga vocal samples - such as: "saxon sound are the don in the dancehall"


The label does say Dennis Brown feat. Desert Storm





Artist: Dennis Brown & Desert Storm

Title: Whip Dem / Jungle Sax


A1. Dennis Brown (feat. Desert Storm) - Whip Dem

A2. Dennis Brown (feat. Desert Storm) - Whip Dem (Mix II)

B. Desert Storm - Jungle Sax



If the new database can handle it :P then indeed I suggest we add:


Executive Producers: Lloyd 'Musclehead' Francis & Carl 'Dillie' Perry

Writing Credits:

(A1, A2) Dennis Brown, Lloyd 'Musclehead' Francis, Desert Storm

(B1) Lloyd 'Musclehead' Francis, Desert Storm, General Degree, Hugh Griffths, Junior Reid & Aswad


and Desert Storm is Carl De Junglist...

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OK, I've put in the writing credits stuff




Does that work, you reckon?


The only other thing I've added in there right now is info for who engineered the tune but there aren't any records in the database for this yet. WHen I have a few spare mins I'll go through this lot and add the info




A couple here




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