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4 bootleg remixes to ID


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I have these four bootleg remixes to ID. If anyone has any information about one of these tunes, please let me know. Many thanks in advance!! 8)


Wonderwall Remix - Jungle remix of the Oasis tune "Wonderwall".


Fugeela Remix - Sound like a DJ Hype remix .... ??


Ready or not remix - a remix of the classic DJ Zinc remix, but NOT the 2004 remix!


Informer remix - d&b remix of "Informer" by Snow


(after clicking on the links you will have to wait for about half a minute before you can download the mp3-files).


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Links updated.

Note: You CANNOT link to the files directly!!! When it's uploaded you get a page with the download link. Just copy & paste it! It will always end with ".../name.mp3.html".

Also, when you post something with a link in it, please test the link yourself...

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I think the Fugee-la one is this...




The Ready Or Not one is basically exactly the same as the Zinc mix. Sounds, to me, like someone has remade it themselves...no idea why (it wouldn't be hard, but is pointless). It's not any actual Zinc version that I know. The dubplate mix was very slightly different but I'm almost 100% sure the bassline was exactly like it is in the released version, not slightly different like that one.


As for the other two I'm pretty sure that they're just some mp3s that someone's done and then shared on the net. I've heard the Snow one before but have only ever seen it on things like napster (loads of people used to share it) and I've never heard of it being on vinyl. Similarly I have no idea about the Oasis one but find it hard to believe that that tune would get pressed on vinyl :?

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I'm sure i heard a dnb remix of Wonderwall on pirate radio years ago.


I've got a horrible feeling that it did actually make it to vinyl... it was around the same time as the various tracks that sampled the verve and various classical records. :? :roll:

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