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We might as well start recording who the engineer on particular tunes is seeing as we can already store that info in the database but just aren't using it yet.


Please provide a link to the 12"/CD that contains the track and the track name with engineer's name or provide a list of artist who you know engineer their own tunes.


To start off...



The Burial (Madamoselle Mix) engineered Optical

The Burial (Lovers Rock Mix) engineered by Dillinja



Dub Plate Style engineered by Tango

Jump Up engineered by Pascal


Anything by Dune engineered by Aston


Anything by Jo engineered by Lime


Anything by DJ Krome & Mr. Time on Suburban Base is engineered by Austin



engineered by Dillinja



engineered by Dillinja


People who engineer their own tracks on all releases


Nookie (include all aliases)

Omni Trio


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Most of DJ Rap's stuff is Nookie, right?

Rap's had lots of different engineers. The majority of the earlier things were done by Aston, as far as I know. Don't think she ever worked with Nookie, though

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All Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith tracks are engineered by Dextrous



All releases in Reinforced engineered by Dego (4-Hero) except "Jazzy Hardcore ('94 Lick)" & "Distance (I Need You) (Remix)" engineered by Dillinja



All Reinforced releases engineered by Dego. Ones with L Double engineered by him. I'm assuming that the Ryme Tyme ones are engineered by him...not totally sure though



Anything done by him & Aphrodite is engineered by Aphrodite. Aphrodite always engineers his own stuff

Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Mickey Finn Foghorn Mix) engineered by Dan Zamani

Powerpill - Pac-Man (Mickey Finn Yum Yum Mix) engineered by Andy Whitmore

Run Tings - Tribe Vibes (Mickey Finn In Your Face Mix) engineered by Austin Reynolds

Anything with Bay B Kane engineered by Bay B Kane

Anything with L Double engineered by L Double

Anything with Special K engineered by Special K

http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/dee_jay/djx011 engineered by Pete Parsons



OR001 & OR002 were engineered by Steve Gurley when he was still part of Foul Play. I'm not sure who engineered for them after that



All engineered by Potential Bad Boy



Anything he is invovled in he has engineered. He needs to be taken off Rufige Kru, though



Dollar releases engineered by Lewi Cifer, any others engineered by Remarc as far as I know



All engineered by JB except The Way on Fokus also engineered by DJ Highlander

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Most of the early Malidnin and D-Bridge tunes were engineered by Jus' Jungle. I think he even did a load of their Future Forces stuff



Blow Out... engineered by Adam Hunter

Vibes engineered by Norton Blue

Street Fightin Soul Boy engineered by Norton Blue

Cry engineered by Chris Stevens

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Guest Guest
Most of the early Malidnin and D-Bridge tunes were engineered by Jus' Jungle. I think he even did a load of their Future Forces stuff


I thought that music he engineered with Future Forces was credited to "Genoforce"?

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A engineered by Tango. Additional production from Paul Nugen.

B engineered by Pascal.



Engineered by Adam Hunter


(all entries for the original version of Original Nuttah should have Adam Hunter as engineer).



A engineered by Pete Parsons.

B engineered by Photek.

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All these apart from A2 which I removed are engineered by Pascal .... info taken from the sleeve of BDRLP004




A1. The Full S.P. - The Process

A3. Hardware - Nightstalker (VIP Mix)


B1. Clone Inc - Mood Swing

B2. The Full S.P. - Raw Basics

B3. Complex State - Sax Fiend


C1. Hardware - Class Of '94

C2. DJ Mayhem - Inesse (Ray Keith Remix)

C3. Complex State - Revival


D1. Covert Operations - Mission Impossible (Edit)

D2. Johnny Jungle - Johnny

D3. Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels (Back 2 Basics VIP Mix)

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C1.  Hardware  -  Class Of '94 

C2.  DJ Mayhem  -  Inesse (Ray Keith Remix) 

C3.  Complex State  -  Revival 


C2 - engineered by Nookie. The original was Pascal.



A side engineered by Pascal

B side engineered by Alex Reece



A side engineered by Nookie

B side engineered by Alex Reece

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Guest Steve J

As already stated, Pete Parsons has engineered and mastered many many top tunes over the years - working out of Monroe Studios for Lucky Spin, Dee Jay, etc.


Always look out for a PAxxxx number on the run-out, this means that Parsons has had a hand in it somehow!!


I think Pete Parsons gets my medal for services to dance music!!

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