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For deletion & dummy/ghost releases


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Does this exist?




"0 have this"


It exists.


I got some one's I'd like to clear up as well:


http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/assassin/assr003/ (Assassin Records #3)

For whatever reason, this release has been in the database for ages. 3R obviously exists, but I've never seen 3. Unless someone could bring some concrete proof this exists, I think this should be eliminated.


http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/collective/hf46/ (Jungle Massive Vol 4)

I've never seen a sniff of this release on vinyl, think it's bogus. Can anyone clarify where the information that this LP exists comes from?


http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/congo_natty_records/bump/ (Congo Natty BUMP)

At one point someone "claimed" they had this in their collection, yet now it's back to 0. I know DJ School was later released on one of the Congo Natty LP's, but again, I've never seen this particular one for sale. Anyone care to shed some light here?


http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/jet_star/ot04/ (Jet Star WL OT04)

I think this is being confused for One Touch #4 ( http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/one_tou...cordings/otr04/ ) which btw has the same cat# (the cat# for One Touch #4 in the database is incorrect). Another one of those releases that has been in this database for ages, and someone here claims they have it, so I'd like some clarification as to what exactly this one is.


http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/jet_star/jet001/ (Jet Star JET001)

Another release that someone claims they have. I believe this is being confused for the first Jungle Fashion release (similarly to JET002 that's also in the Jet Star discography) unless the person who has this could explain what exactly this is.

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It exists.

Cool...you know someone who has it?


http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/collective/hf46/ (Jungle Massive Vol 4)

I've never seen a sniff of this release on vinyl, think it's bogus. Can anyone clarify where the information that this LP exists comes from?

Def never seen this one and would have thought I'd have come across it over the years. Only ever seen the 4 12" releases of this one

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Cool...you know someone who has it?


A couple of people I've ran into over the years mentioned they've had that (or one of the other later IQ releases that seem the hardest to track down), sadly, none would part with it. :sad: Don't even know what the tune sounds like on that.


Edit: Hmm, just noticed a lot of those IQ releases have the wrong cat# in the database: looks missing an extra "0" for each release, and I don't think there's "technically" an IQ etched "IQ004" (at least not in the etching or on the label, Marvellous Cain's Hitman/Believe It release should only be etched HIT001 or RIQ001).


Kind of figured that HF46 was put in there, cat# makes sense and seems to mimic the other releases. Shame since other than the singles there's a few elusive tunes on that 2xCD that were never released on vinyl... Guess we can scratch that one off the list, anyone want to share info on the other 4?

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What about IQ09?




Yeah, I meant to post about IQ004 the other day. I'm pretty sure the proper release had HIT001 etched. I've never seen an IQ4 but have seen loads of HIT001 and the repress version.


IQ009 exists, I have this one. I'm 99% sure it's a DJ Gunshot release although every copy I've seen has been a WL. Nice 2 tracker.


As for HIT001/RIQ001, I have both and they are the same tracks only played at different speeds (HIT001 is at 33 while RIQ001 is at 45). I'm not too sure which release came first, although they both aren't to be confused with the repress that also came out as RIQ001 in '04. A user from discogs commented that he got his copy of RIQ001 back in '94, if that was before HIT001 came out I have no idea. What's interesting is that they both have the exact same label, so you'd have to check the etching/playback speed to know which one you have.

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I'm gonna gather all of these together in one thread and add as and when I see them popping up. Everyone else feel free to comment on whether what I've added should be deleted and add other releases yourselves that you think don't actually exist


Brutal Records



Slow Motion


This definitely didn't come out. The guys forgot which number they'd last used so there is no #3 :lol:

I think the lable might say SMR003 but we should add that as a comment/secondary cat no later and remove the release entirely


Old topics





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Hmmmm...I dunno really. I would have thought it's OK to have both as people who haven't bought the 12" but downloaded the tunes would still want it in their collection, no?


I haven't really been paying all that much attention to the DD stuff, I'm afraid

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We don't do it for all releases that have digital versions too, though. And if we did, I quit, effective immediately :P


Is the master release thing still coming? Cos if it is I'll leave them for eventual consolidation...

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I'd leave them for now, they're there so no point spending time getting rid of them. No worries about adding more of this type of thing, can fully understand that it's a big job!


The master release thing will happen so best to wait for that

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Can anyone confirm which of these do/don't exist?


Reel 2 Reel


I don't know enough about the Reel 2 Reel stuff to know for sure here and know that a lot of them were random whites





http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/reel_2_reel/rtr007/ (this is listed as a 4 tracker so could well be legit)

http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/reel_2_reel/rtr008/ (5 tracks?)





I'm pretty certain that none of these exist. I have almost everything on this label and have never seen or heard of these ones. No one has them in their collections. I say we just completely delete these straight away












In Touch


Again, never seen this one. Reckon it's safe to delete



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Are there really two of these?


I have the first one and there's no mention of PDJ01 anwhere on it - it's etched PEDJ01


The users who have this in their collections are Statto and jj - any ideas?


Can't find anything for PDJ01 when searching the forums

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Bump for a reminder of the IQ04 stuff. That doesn't exist and should be replaced by the other two mentioned


Also to confirm that IQ1 - 9 are etched IQ00X. IQ010 is actually etched IQ0010 and has IQ009 crossed out. I don't have any of the others

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