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rolldabeats merchandise for sale


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This is finally here (well, it has been for a while but I've been too busy to advertise it recently)


Until a shop is online at the site I'm happy to take orders via email


Here's the stuff




black & red...


http://www.rolldabeats.com/images/merch/rdb_tblack.jpg http://www.rolldabeats.com/images/merch/rdb_tred.jpg


light blue...




Not cafepress shit proper print on good shirts. Prints are gloss ink on same coloured shirt - has a real cool effect so that the print is very subtle yet shows up wicked and reflects under light. Kinda hard to explain but trust me they look cool!


£15 each + p&p. M - 2XL in black. M - XL in others


We are sold out in blue & red Ls and are running low in most non-black sizes


Also very limited numbers of light blue ladies tees in small & medium






High quality, durable record bags from Agenda with embroidered full colour RDB logo on the front. Full details on bag


I'm really happy with these...although you could accuse me of being biased they look fucking wicked and everyone who's bought one has loved 'em


£25 each + p&p






Printed by Root Designs - wicked quality mats on 2mm thick high grade felt.


A steal at £12 a pair and available in the white or black designs above.




p&p will be done at cost price so you will not be ripped off at all with extra charges added. The best thing to do will be to get in touch with what you want and I will let you know how much on top the postage will be


I will put approximate costs for single items below over the next day or two...


How to order


The best way is to email me do not PM me


tom AT rolldabeats DOT com


and let me know what you want as well as including the email address you use for your paypal transactions.


I'll get you a total including postage and send a paypal order thingy


If you are from the UK then I can accept cash orders but will take no responsibility for any cash lost in the post...send it at your own risk!

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Whats the story with t-shirt availability? I like em baggy so Id probably go for L, but M might do. Any colour except red...
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In a large there'd only be black left, I think. The blues sold out ages ago and I think there are very few reds left in that size.


Medium, I think there's both blue and black available. They aren't an especially baggy fit, although aren't skinny fit, so if you wanted it big then I'd prob recommend going for the large

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Yup, they are mediums in the first two but they are tied back with clips behind me so they aren't that tight in real life.


We won't be doing more before these ones are sold out

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:lol: OK so. Since I now know that Haste was wearing the 'corset' version I think Ill just got for a black medium. Ill sort out cash once I have some again! :(
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I sitll have a blue medium that runs on the larger side. If Tom doesn't have any Ls left I could send you that one? Mind you it's been washed, but it's still in perfect shape. It just runs a bit bigger than the other mediums for some reason
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