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Renegade - Midnite (Original Mix) - 1992


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  • 8 years later...

I've been tempted to buy some of those Rave East CDs for years but the post brexit prices from Japan have killed that thought off


I can remember seeing them advertised in Eternity mag or on flyers back in 92/93 I think


Are they all vinyl rips?


No they are not.


I only have the rips for one of them but apart from the mini mix it is all dat quality masters.


I found a reference to these releases mentioned in this promo sheet I posted here


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is this recording taken from the Rave East CD ?




I've just had a closer listen and it seems tracks 3, 5 & 9 on it are vinyl rips, though the others all seem digital masters. I'm a little surprised about the Manix track, as typically Reinforced were spot on about making sure they issued the proper masters. On the other hand, I was pretty dismayed the other day to discover "Here Come The Drums (Remix)" on the Doc Scott early plates album was a vinyl rip.


The other cds in the series are yet to be clarified....

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