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Origination - Rob solomon and Rupert Parkes ?


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Can anybody confirm the information given on Discogs, that Origination consists of Rob Solomon and Rupert Parkes AKA photek. http://www.discogs.com/artist/Origination

I can certainly hear his influence on one or two of Rob Solomons tracks, most notably Endurance released under the 'Lexis' moniker. and photek did remix Groove Therapy, but having inspected my copy of Origination's 1997 release on Creative source - Mental Relaxation, I can find no mention of Rupert Parkes what so ever, all it say's is that all tracks are written and produced by Rob Solomon.

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Occasional partner then maybe...Rupert probably felt endebted to him from early cert 18 days, but by 1997 was quiiiiiiiiite alot busier than 1993, and couldn't make the time for it.


All this as well




Seems rob got his hands on some of parkes tunes...not to great effect too, that comp sounds horrible.

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Discogs has never been the best compendium for correct informational details, a lot is based on clumsy extrapolation and suggestion over there. The truth of that matter is I believe it transpired at some point that Photek worked on a few of the earlier tracks, probably just the Sunrise 12" but I think some have said Shine On as well. So that I'd argue should probably count for co-production credit only but some how it gets translated over there into a group membership for Origination. I used to check up on a lot of these cross referencial details and post over here but got a bit fed up with having my updates ignored. (Thats because this site has a closed editorial policy.)
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