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Rahboy Dubplate


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The name is Rahboy, not Rayboy pls correct


RBO02 has 5 tracks. It is 1995 dated. 4 tracks with clear hip hop influences. 1 track that is a hip hop track rapping and everything.


Would love to know more about this record but not found anything out yet. I have a suspicion that it maybe a UK hip hop crew who decided to cash in on some jungle, (because of all the quite obscure hip hop riffs used)

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More corrections:

Artist should be: Rahboy

Release title should be: Dubplate - Explicit Lick

Is etched RBO 002


Has a contact number for the label: 0374 920 507



I may ask my hip hop mate to see if he can shed some light on who this might actually be. I wanna know who this is! Oh and it was mastered at: - PAULS | CUTZ -

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I managed to track down the first release of this a couple of years back so got a little bit extra light to shed on this:



Cat: 12 RB 001

Format 12"

A1. ???

A2. ???

B1. ???

B2. ???


It looks like the artist for both ought to be Ampige Connection. This is printed across the top of 12 RB 001 and listening closely to the rap track at the end of RBO002 you can see they refer to themselves as Ampige Connection (read here) The lyrics of the record also seem to suggest the members are Flash MC & Adrian H


The year is most likely 1995, possibly 94 but no later


Also on the label is stamped "Rah Boy Dub" and the same contact number 0374 920 507. The vinyl is also etched: PAULS PHAT CUTZ.



Label name is still Rahboy Dubplate then?

I would say the label name ought to be corrected to Rah Boy Dubplate

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