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Seems like he is from London


To summarise the article for ya...


http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/paragon is owned by dancemaster as is

http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/kikman (but with someone else..bay b kane, maybe?)


http://www.rolldabeats.com/artist/sky_joose = London, UK


http://www.rolldabeats.com/artist/tekware = London, UK (I think)




Just a side note. If you search labels for 'Paragon' you get no results but Area 51's URL is




which is what I think the label is now called - it changed names

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So, I just got the most amazing promo sheet come with the copy of Evening Shades EP I picked up recently.



In it, it confirms Dancemaster as being Anthony Williams, and also being Gin of Gin & Tonic. But there's more... It also goes into detail about him producing since 1987, and having a hand in the One Tribe track 'What Have You Done', although I think this may be a mix up as the record credits E. Simms, as mentioned here


However it also gives some background on the Living Dream label, saying it was started up by Noel Charlery and Tonic, crediting as Tony Fagan!


So it's not the same Tonic from kool fm after all... it would seem he is also Para / T-Para who's credited around in a few places, in particular RGR004 & also some of the Living Dream releases which mention 'Para Studios' on them


Interestingly, it also goes on to state they planned to continue the Living Dream label as a house & garage imprint (which explains these last two releases) - launching Kikman to "kick up the harder stuff", as it says


It also makes some reference to the Rave East series of mix cds in Japan, saying that these will arrive 'mid-november' so I don't know if that puts this release around October 1992, as it also mentions the Rave Soon Come EP as being 'current' (I had thought that had come out a bit later than that)


Lots of information, there's probably some other bits I've forgot to mention, will cross reference everything that's there shortly :)



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