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DJ competition winners & line up for 03/10/09 party


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OK, so we've listened through all the mixes and it's been such a tough job. Huge thanks to everyone who entered, we never expected to get this many people submitting mixes and were overwhelmed with the quality of everyone's efforts.


It's been a really tough decision, I managed to narrow my favourites down to about 17 mixes in the end and, with 5 slots available for the night, it was so tricky to pick the winners. In the end we weren't able to decide so we're going to give out sets to a few of you for the gig on the 3rd and offer a number of you sets at the next RDB session at The Castle (assuming that's where it will be), date to be decided. If your name's not on the list that doesn't mean you haven't won a set and there were several that we are totally gutted to not be able to offer a set to.


So, on the 3rd we've thought of a provisional line up. Times may well change and if your name's here and you can't do that time then let me know ASAP. Also, we're using forum names here but if that's not how you want to be credited then again let me know.


Haste: open-11

R-Hawk: 11-12

J Rolla: 12-1

Equinox: 1-2:00

Thumbzo: 2:00-3:00

Mark Halflite: 3:00-4:00

Instinct: 4:00-5:00


RollDaBeats returns to The Castle

Saturday 2nd October, 9pm - 5:30am

(44 Commercial Road, E1 1LN)

Free entry but donations to the site kindly received on the night


Congrats to all those listed above, some names that I'm sure you recognise and some who perhaps you don't. We felt it was important to give everyone a chance as well as showcase the number of different styles that we had submitted.


I'll be in touch with everyone above and all other people regarding the next do shortly.


Once again, thanks to everyone who's put a mix in. If you're not playing at the night then please come down and have a beer with us as the tunes are going to be massive on the night... :D

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Congratulations goes out to all the winners......








Just downloading the winners mixes now for my ipod.... Gonna try and make it to the party, I heard it was smashing last time....


Also.... Although I didn't win if you fancy checking out my entry then follow the link:




I would really appreciate some feedback.




DJ Effect

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I was wanting to do a little back-to-back with Theorie as entry for this, but unfortunately he's had some other concerns of late. Nevertheless, congratulations to the winners and hope you all enjoy your spot on the night!


Especially big shout to Instinct & also Thumbzo who's mixes looked particularily tasty - that 92 mix looked a real breath of fresh air, i know many people play from that year but not so many play what i'd call the 'roots' of jungle/drum & bass so kudos for them selections there!


I have another thing to go on the Saturday but i may try to pass by as it will be nearish.

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Had a wicked night. Too much Sagres on top of a full day record shopping around the capital meant i may have been chewing a few peoples ears off but big up to everyone that went and made this a top night. In future can you extend the night till 8am so i dont have to wait around for the first train home to Kent in the morning ;)
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Definitely a wicked night! Great to put faces to pseudonyms and learn some real names too!!! Thanks to Haste and Phokus for organising, top blokes! It was good to meet the other DJs (some serious talent present) and also Ornette and Nebkins (a true knowledge provider, no chewed ears in sight B-) ). I shall be trekking to London again - it was well worth it. Cheers, Rob
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Was a wicked night out, nice one (again!) for having me up. Everyone that played served up bangers and I met some thoroughly safe people, bring on the next one. Waiting about for 3 hours to get a train back was a bit rubbish, special shout to the bent haircut and tie rocking sort that provided a bit of entertainment at Charing Cross Mc Wrongalds by trying to kick off with the doorman there! Haste and Phokus big up yourselves :D
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Bit late on the reply but massive thanks to everyone who made it down, especially to all the DJs who really served up the goods. The Castle's a fun little place and it was wicked to have the RDB lot down there again to listen to tune after tune.


Was totally wicked to meet some new faces as well as the usual crew inside the place, what a lovely bunch you all are :wub:


Bring on the November do where we'll be hitting a venue that's a bit less sticky and not prone to speakers blowing up...need to post up a thread about that one really!


I only wish we could have recorded the sets as people were playing some serious hot biscuits :lol:


ps didn't realise that this was your first actual proper gig until the night, Thumbzo. You smashed it and am proud that you could come along and pop your cherry at our little do ;)

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Hello there!


Here is a tune-for-tune replica of the set I played at the castle. All the tracks were left in my record bag in exactly the same order, so I thought "why not?" !


R-Hawk RDB set


I've also mixed up some newer tracks, check out the Integral Deepness mix on my web site.






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