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  • 12 years later...

Excellent article appearing recently on the 'net all about Kemet (and 3rd Party)


"The Inside Story of the Best Jungle Labels You've Probably Never Heard Of"



aside from that Kemet is one of the more renowned imprints of the music (who's not familiar with Kemet?) it does have a lot of interesting tidbits from the guys about its inception and other stuff




says that Talk Breaks was James Stephens' first appearance on the label. However it goes on to say "Don't Throw Your Life Away" was a co production with Mark Ranger...


The thing is, neither of those two tracks really had a 'noise factory' sound to them, unlike "Love For The World" on the other side which very clearly did - and none of his earlier releases had 'conscious' elements to them so I'm thinking more that the release was James' first involvement with the label


So I would advocate member credits for Talk Breaks as both Mark Ranger & James Stephens



Also some interesting comments on this release (i'll post over here):


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