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Optical (and related projects) unreleased dubs


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Dom - Still (Optical and Dom VIP).....
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Updated tracklistings for the DJ Bailey virus mixes



Bailey - Virus Dubs Mix Part 1

5th September 2004



Dom & Optical - Quadrant 6 (Get Down The Pub Mix) [dub]

Fierce & Optical - Side Effects

Outfit - Serum

Ed Rush, Trace, Fierce, Nico & Optical - Edtrafienical

Ed Rush & Optical - Gro-Bag

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Pod

Rymetyme & Trace - Hashplant

Ed Rush, Optical & Rymetyme - Cannibal Run

Rymetyme - Strong Arm [dub]

Rymetyme - Check 1,2 [dub]

>> Ed Rush & Rymetyme - ??? [dub]

Optical & Rymetyme - Headhunters



Bailey - Virus Dubs Mix Part 2

29th May 2005



Optical - Void [dub, WH, VV]

Ed Rush & Optical - K-Wire

Ed Rush & Optical - Razorback [dub, VV] aka Gro-Bag (Remix)

Ed Rush & Optical - Big Slick

Ed Rush & Optical - Vendetta

Optical - Slip Thru (Remix) [dub, VV] aka Amenizer

Optical - Zoner

Drum Kru - Rigmasher [dub, VV]

Trace - Sonar (Ed Rush & Optical VIP Remix)

Fresh & Optical - The Watcher [dub, VV]



Bailey - Virus Dubs Mix Part 3

11th November 2009



Optical - Piston [dub] aka Unknown #23

Ryme Tyme & Optical - Space Cake [dub, VV] aka Razorwire

Optical - 3 Step [dub] aka Unknown #18

Fierce & Optical - Weapon

Optical - To Shape The Future (Fierce & Optical VIP Remix) [dub]

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Red Floor [dub] aka Nickelbag

Optical - What’s The Difference [dub]

Fierce & Optical - The Stab [dub]

Trace - Sonar (Optical & Trace VIP Remix) [dub]



That Hashplant is a slightly alternate mix with "dance with the speaker" vocals, but thought I'd leave that out to avoid confusion. Does anyone know what the Ed Rush & Rymetyme track is?

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Here are a couple more for the list:


Rollers Rock


Jazz Killer

Jazz Killer (Different Mix)

There is also one with a sample that says "Make the world ready for the change, Power from new believers, The more people who believe the faster the journey"

There is also another mix of Area 39 "This time" that Arne90 posted up.

And i'm not sure if anyone added "Sci-Fi Step Tech"

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Dose anyone know of this mix tape "Internet dubplate - optical with ed rush, fierce, ryme tyme, trace"? Robotone on Dogs On Acid posted it and added a track list. Lots of Unreleased Optical bits.



Heres the tracklist





Whats the Difference

Unknown 19

Unknown 14


Fibre Optic

Split Personality

Unknown 24

Lazy Gun

Cut Throat Flow

Unknown 8


Area 39:

Wide Awake Nightmere's

The Warning


Mental Patient (edited of vocals)

Twisted Brain (edited of vocals)

Flute FX





Ed Rush & Optical - Vendetta

Optical & Rymetyme - Headhunters

Infinite - Beachball (fierce & optical)

Trace & Optical - Mercury Switch

Trace & Optical - Kridian

The Drum Kru - The Watcher (optical & fresh)

The Drum Kru - Rigmasher

Optical & Rymetyme - Razorwire

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Alien Girl

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Cutslo

Fierce & Optical - Weapon (first version)

Fierce & Optical - The Stab

Ed Rush & Optical - Unknown A

Ed Rush & Optical - Bleep Bleep dub

Fierce & Optical - Side Effect

Fietce & Optical - Silencer

Trace & Optical - Switch Blade

Optical - Unknown 23


Has anyone got a copy of this as I really need to hear it? lol.

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Here's a few more unreleased Optical clip's.


Ed Rush & Optical - Fastlane (Unreleased Mix)


Optical - Cryogenesis (Alternate Mix) I listed this as "Jazz Killer" before


Optical - Untitled 1



Optical - Untitled 2



Area 39 - Untitled


Area 39 - Untitled (Alternate Mix)



Optical - Untitled (ETB)



Optical - Untitled (Rollers Rock)



Fierce & Optical - Stab


Optical - Sci Fi Step Tech


Dom & Optical -Quadrant 1 aka (Optical - Blast)


Fierce & Optical - Tripwire


There is also a load of unreleased Fierce, Ed Rush, Ryme Tyme, Dom & Roland and many more on this link


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Woodsnake managed to get more info about the "Ed Rush & Optical - Unknown (Red Floor Alternative Version?)". Straight from Optical himself.




Its actually me and Trace in 1998...it was made from drums taken from a cassette tape and some old orchestral sample pack that came with the E6400 sampler....never sounded great quality-wise but was a nice experiment I think and I loved those drum loops so much even though there is no good version of them out there...it only exists now on some crusty 10" dubplate from Music House so lost to the sands of time I guess. Never had a real name BTW. Wish I had a DAT of it but alas no.
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Been seeing some rumours that a bunch of these tunes are about to see an imminent release!


No track list yet but apparently there is an album title 'Optical20Years' and has a possible release date of Feb this year... I know quite a few of these have appeared in full on his soundcloud, but a full compilation of these in better quality, wow.



As an aside, take a look at this video. Is this some very early footage of Optical in the studio??


They're definitely playing "Mental Patient" in the background as the scene begins.Tried to hotlink the direct moment in the vid, hopefully it works but if not skip to 11:30 to get to it


Thanks to Mr Rinse for bring my attention to this documentary!

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