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Your favourite quotes/samples from tunes


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"And the windows are where the doors should be.......and the doors are where the windows should be......etc"




"the jungle, it just came alive and took him"




"I don't care - CALL THE COPS!"




"this is how it should be done, this style is identical to none"




"a wad do dem, a wad do dem dem dem!" "I tell tha dj what to play, play back that tape again"




"Your talking about things I haven't done yet!"




Yes :cool:

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"Come quietly or there will be.........trouble. DROP IT!"



"Come fi nice it up, so nobody come mash it up"



"Here come the drums!"



"we're never gonna stop making you dance, we're never gonna stop making all that money"



"We are about to take you into the world of the LSD user"

Hardware EP - will check and edit when I get home!



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"When you can't see the angles no more, You're in trouble"

DJ Krust - Angles



"Drum pan sound, no my sound"

Conquering Lion - Code Red



"Everytime I think I'm going to wake up back in the jungle"

Ed Rush & Nico - Bludclot Artattack



"Rinse out the sound!"

DJ Hype & Ganja Max (feat. MC Fats) - Rinse Out


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Get your guns, get your boys, get your crew... and i'll still get you!

DJ Trema & Avenger, The - Untitled


Label: Not On Label

Catalog#: DBS 22




It was designed to trick the ear...and to startle the audience. - hyper on experience - timestretch

Listen...do you hear it? It's getting closer. - hyper on experience - thundergrip


both from deaf in the family ep

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Can I suggest something? I thought suggesting it here may make more sense than to start a new thread about it. Anyway.. here goes..


Wouldn't it make sense to display the tunes quotes on the actual release page? If I click a quote and it takes me to a release page I have no idea which track the sample is on.

Also if I hadn't seen the quote but was just browsing it would help recognising the right track if the quotes were displayed. (This would help n00bs searching for a release they for example know is by artist X and it contains a sample 'bl bla bla' ...).





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The idea was just using quotes. Clicking a quote brings you to a release that uses the sample (could be more tunes using the same sample). Not sure about the whole idea... It might become a bit too much if you have an album or something with quotes all over the place...


Also, for finding out who uses a sample there's the samples part of the forum. Yes, we still want to incorporate that into the database as well, but that's not going to be in the near future...

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The whole sample sources database has yet to be built. It'll work like you say where all samples in a track will appear in an expandable area below the listing with links off to the sample source and sound clips.


Also, we'll be implementing the Lyrics forums in the same way at some point which has overlap here too.


The footer thing is just a bit of fun. The suggestion you've made already means rewriting the way the database behind it works and I really don't want to overcomplicate it. I get your idea, though, and think it is a nice one

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"Music is the weapon of the future"



"The white man's got a god complex"



"The philosophy is pure zen, and the message is pure science."



"Now hear dis! A when we come - Gunshot! Kill dem star!"


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here's a couple:


"well it's always about music. my love is music, do you understand?" - roni size, only a dream


"..you didn't convince me, let me see your real warface" - jakes, warface


"the art of fighting without fighting? show me some of it" - dj red, enta da dragon


"in order the play this record you must tune your bass to ours" - dj trend, tune your bass

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"no words can describe it" / seba & paradox - no words can describe it



"this is the long and dark night of my soul" / fanu - garmonbozia



"close your eyes. what do you see?" / alaska - shiver



"some thoughts have a certain sound" / paradox - a certain sound



"i don't know, it's probably nothing... it's nothing at all" / dom & roland - homicide



"have you ever seen fire in zero gravity? it's beautiful. it's like liquid" / dom & roland - firewire


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"There are no bad guys, just disturbed guys"



"You held my hand and began to say"



"Pass the information, extend the knowledge"



"Be free from yourself, if you have a quality let it define you whatever it is"


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"it's like a dread strobelight burning right through my eyes. somehow i can still see." / breakage & sp:mc - shadow



"i had in mind something a little more radical - death!" / breakage - questions (vip mix)



"goddamn souls!" / paradox - life without drums



"i have investigated eternity. it exists." / paradox - odd soul



"i can hear myself" / paradox - scanners



"whatever you saw - it must have been some kind of illusion." / paradox - some kind of illusion



"the point from which all life emanates... hold your mind there." / paradox - unnatural causes



"when i was here i wanted to be there. and when i was there, all i could think of was getting back into the jungle." / nucleus & paradox - dilettantes (remix)


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