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Cuba Gooding - Happiness [CLIP]


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Artist: Cuba Gooding

Title: Happiness is just around the bend

Label: Streetwise

Cat: Streetwise 2214


Used in:

Babylon 5 - "Yes Yes '95" [Dread]

Vocal: I think it's something I feel


Messiah - "20,000 Hardcore Members" [Kickin']


Naz AKA Naz - "Started Again" [Deja Vu]


Nightmares On Wax - "Aftermath"


Rekoil - "Unreal [Dylan & Loxy remix]" [Outbreak]

Vocal: "I think it's something I feel, it's something unreal"


Renegade - "Something I Feel" [Moving Shadow]

Vocal: I think it's something I feel



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inside my head by obviously high on delirious 03-sample- "inside my head" and the same sample is in the track of the same name on the mystical ep on soul : r 3


your obviously high tracklisting is only two tracks listed out of four and its a five tracker so i'll get mine out because one side has three tracks on it

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Guest Guest_free4orm_*
I reckon it's Cuba Gooding Sr., father of the actor, who released a solo version of his main hit with his former band, Main Ingredient. The original "Happiness Is Just Around The Bend" with MI is from 1974, included on the band's first album "Euphrates River", and the other, the one released on a 12" with an accappella, is from 1983.
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<a href="http://www.zeiger.franken.de/Labels/12/12_Streetwise.html" target="_blank"><a href="http://www.zeiger.franken.de/Labels/12/12_Streetwise.html" target="_blank">http://www.zeiger.franken.de/Labels/12/12_Streetwise.html</a></a>


Just listed as 'Cuba Gooding'


BTW, if anyone hasn't come across zeiger.franken.de before .. it's a great resource for 'Black-Music and Eurodisco Label Catalogues (from 1977 to 1987)' :biggrin:



The singer of the track was definitely Cuba Gooding Jr (the actor)'s dad. I remember reading about him in Blues and Soul when it came out (1983) I used to have the 12inch...wicked track. It was massive on the pirates at the time.

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