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like the new smilies


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yeah cool new smilies , but this one I hate :rock:

thats for the dogs on acid lot.


p.s. where has smell check gone ???? and while im at it if it hasn't died or something can it be put it in the post edit bit as well ?

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There was a forum update today that might have got rid of the spell check, not sure about that one.


I put all the new smilies in earlier. If people want more added then just post em and I'll put them up :bop:

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Hmm new smileys


**rubs chin**


(Can we have a smiley for that, pls?)


Yes agree with blah, :rock: hate that smiley too. :lac: All smileys should reflect on our, ultra cool, sparse & terse considered talk :chatta: There might be undue excitement in the 'Releases' forum... :dribble: or undue laughter in 'the BIG what-are-the-real-names-of-these-artists-list' :roffle:

Then again at least we can now all get out of our box when someone posts the wrong information in the wrong place :bounce:. Oooh I like this one: :realmad:


(Oh so there is one:



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Can't we nick the DJ+crowd smiley from DOA?


And create one with smileys holding up cards with "THIS THREAD IS USELESS WITHOUT PROPER INFO"? :laugh:

Do you mean like this?



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I miss the old emoticons... Dont know what their shortcodes were, but here they are:


http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/59.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/Sneaktongue.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/angel_not.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/angry.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/annoyed_h4h.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/argue.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/bangin.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/beer.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/biggrin.gif http://classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/bleh.gif + another 67 of them...


note some of them are slightly different, like the biggrin & wink


Any chance of getting them back up?

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Yeah, I had some problems with getting them all back in place when I upgraded the forum the other day. I'll try and get them back asap, if nothing happens just give me a little reminder, please!
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Here's another 10 of them...

http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/blink.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/blush.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/blowup.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/blushing.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/bounce.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/boxing.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/cheers.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/clapping.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/cheesy.gif http://www.classifiedlistening.com/tarzanstuff/emoticons/closedeyes.gif

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