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Record label acronyms


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Please use this thread to record acronyms for labels that are often referred to by shorter names than the "official" ones. These will be built into the search engine so that searching for the acronym brings the user to the correct page


Kickin Underground Sound - KUS

Sophisticated Undergroud Sound - SUS

JFK -- Jungle From Kniteforce

SAS -- Sub Assertive Sounds


Can anyone think of any more?

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Do we need both CIA and C.I.A. and Sour and S.O.U.R.???


Also: B2B - Back 2 Basics


And what about artists??? C4C goes for the artist as well as the label...


But I think a lot of people shorten names... MS for Moving Shadow... LS for Liftin' Spirit and LSR for Lucky Spin... Question is which are used often and which are just used in a conversation...


I personally think that even B2B isn't used often for searches on the label...

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Deejay needs to be added for Dee Jay, I know a few people have mentioned they searched for that but found nothing. I'm sure there are a few others like that as well.


Following on from my Mangofunk post you might want to add Mango Funk as a search alias.


Redlight for Red Light, perhaps?


Might as well add SUAD for Shut Up & Dance, not that it's used much. Just means less typing for searches ;)

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Yeah, but the label name is actually M.A.S.H., not the full Mobile Army etc etc


well i thought so,

since it's an offshoot of hospital records, which "plays" on military design (military canvas based on the hospital logo, covers of weapons of mass creation LPs, etc...),

and they launched this offshoot in order to quickly release others artists tunes.

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yeah, i know. I'm just saying that they've never actually referred to themselves as "mobile army surgical hospital records". they've just used "M.A.S.H" from the start as the label's name. :smile:


oh yes.

was just saying that as a comment

(just like for CIA is computer intagrated audio) :smile:

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OR = Oxigen

720NU = 720 Degrees

ADVR = Advanced

SPIDER = Black Widow

BRK = Breakin

CALYPSO = Calypso Muzak

CHRG = Charge

CHR = Chronic

CIRC = Circle

CF = Crossfire

CYMBLTD = Cymbalism


Those are just the first part of the catalogue number, rather than commonly used acronyms for the labels.

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