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Brian Abbey feat Aaron Simpson - Never Far From Right (Subsonik Mix) on my label


there are 3 other versions of this tune which haven't been released. One day they may be but for the original and the Aaron Simpson mix it's relatively unlikely (never say never but I don't think they'll be out on my label anyway).

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Also seems that both "Deadbeat" and "Possesion" by Faith In Chaos never had an original mix released.

Hmm... arguably the "Dylan Chaos Mix" of deadbeat could be the original. At least in other styles it is quite common that when you have 2 sides with mixes from different people that they are named after the mixer. Now, don't ask me for an example, because when you need something like that you can never find it!

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Oh yeah Law, I always figured.


The name given to the track is somewhat confusing, when I first heard it I assumed Sovereign Melody remix...


Maybe one to ask Dillinja about... While you are at it, ask him about that Deadly Deep Subs remix!

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Right here's an interesting one



Green (IC1 Remix)


Its put across as a remix of the 'Green' release http://rolldabeats.com/release/4483/formation_colour_series/green001 however it doesn't sound anything like either of the two sides - one of the tracks was a remix of Red (as mentioned here) and the other has the vocal "you have to understand" with an uplifting piano - neither of which bear any similarity to the track on the album


I guess it should be credited to IC1 rather than DJ SS?

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